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The Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet is known today like an ideal model for a healthy and balanced diet and its origins are very ancient. The mediterranean diet consists of a combination of simple foods, 'poor', mainly made up with products obtained from the soil, that have always characterized the alimentary habits of the Mediterranean people and that have always been part of the gastronomic culture of the region of Apulia. Cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits and the extra virgin olive oil make up those "poor" and genuine ingredients that enrich the alimentary mediterranean tradition.

The mediterranean diet is today considered the most complete and the most balance because it is rich in vitamins (A,E,C) in fibres  and in mineral salts. A correct diet mustn’t  eliminate fats completely. It is not true that oil makes  become fat you, if it is used in right quantities. Lipids are  indispensable for our organism because they help to absorb some vitamins and they act as thermal insulators, protecting and supporting the organs. It is important to distinguish the different types of fats: mustn’t exceed in the consume of "saturated fats"; they have an animal origin (found in cheese, butter, sausages, oil of peanuts); they could damage your health.           
A correct use of unsaturated fats is indispensable and beneficial. The extra virgin olive oil has a vegetable origin, so we can say that it is unsaturated.

So if the medium need of an healthy person is  2000 calories  daily, these must be subdivided into 60% of carbohydrates, 25-30% of lipids and 10-15% of proteins. Authoritative studies in the medical-scientific field, patronized by the European Community, have demonstrated that the daily use of the extra virgin olive oil as condiment, gives the right amount of alimentary fats. Additionally,  the extra virgin olive oil, cooked or raw, is very digestible, because it has a percentage of acids fat  very similar to mother's milk. For this reason the extra virgin olive oil is the more suitable fat for feeding’s children.

The mediterranean diet consist in:

-a prevailing and rich use of foods that have a vegetable origin (vegetables, bread, cereals, potatoes, legumes, fruit, etc.) and rich of fibres; - use of extra virgin olive oil; -a small use of animal fats and margarine; -  consume  local and seasonal foods; -products not manipulated by industries; -a balanced use of cheeses and derivatives of milk; -frequent meals with  fish or  white meats(poultry); -(not frequently)  use of red meat and sausages; - consume small quantities of wine;

Diet and health

Beyond to be  good and genuine for feeding, the extra virgin olive oil can really produce benefits for our health. From generations is known the capacity of the oleic acid, (mostly found in olive oil) to reduce the "bad" cholesterol (the one that circulates). Nowadays studies and medical researches demonstrate others healthy properties of the extra virgin olive oil on our organism:

-it reduces the risks of the occlusion of the arteries -it reduces arterial pressure -it reduces the amount of sugar in the blood -it prevents from arteriosclerosis -it prevents the infarct of the myocardium -it improves the sense of satiety -it helps and improves the digestion

So with the extra virgin olive oil Agrolio, you eat light, genuine, tasty and at the same time you protect your health.

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