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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...

Oil how to taste it:

Each oil has different characterisitcs and organoleptic quality,which depend on the production area, the type of cultivar and the type of transformation. But how can consumers recognize and buy a good oil ?

The best is certainly the extra virgin olive oil, know for its absolute authenticity and for its healthful properties. But also the organoleptic characterisitcs of olive oil varies from one to another. Through the tasting ( called sensory analysis ) can be tested,appreciate,recognize and classify the various properties of the oil through sight (for color),smell and taste (for flavor) .

The tasting has its own rules (shape,size,material and temperatureof the glass,ambient temperature,evaluation criteria,etc.) observed by professional tasters to give an accurate assessment of the oil. A normal consumer can learn to taste the olive oil in order to identify strenghts and weaknesses, without claiming to distinguish and classify the different properties but only to recognize an authentic extra virgin quality. Just pour a small amount of oil, the temperature should be about 28 degrees, in a transparent glass cup-shaped, wrapping with the hand to prevent heat loss.

And you just that:

Appreciating eyes
To grasp the clarity,density and color of the oil. The main property to consider is the purity: looking good against the oil should be free of excessive suspensions and deposits. The color of a good oil varies from deep green to golden yellow, while a colorless oil ( typical of the refined oils) or reddish -orange tones indicates poor workmanship or oxidative degradation. The density and the different shades of green or yellow tracers are not quality but typical: the place of origin and the type of olives give fluidity and color. The extra virgin olive oil AGROLIO has an average fluidity , green color with golden hues, sign of a fruit collected in the initial stages of maturation, and an absolute clarity determined by the processes of natural filtration.

Perceiving with nose
To be intoxicated by the scents typical olive coratina that make up the oil and aroma. Approaching the glass nose and sniffed briefly and repeatedly, you can still catch the scent of oil and its intensity. The intensity can be in ascending order: elusive, subtle, pronounced, of medium intensity, intense, penetrating scent, delicate, fruity, fine, or with slight defects unpleasant. An aroma can be perceived through the nose but also taste, reminiscent of a sound, fresh fruit, picked at the right time is defined as fruit, which is the hallmark of extra virgin olive oil, is often accompanied by notes of green apple, almond fresh tomato or green floral and herbaceous. The fruity and certainly synonymous with good quality oil, regardless of the intensity of the scent.
Instead of rancid odors, mold, metal show a poor oil, processed or stored inadequately. The extra virgin olive Agrolio offers an intense, pleasant aroma and a balanced set of tones of artichoke and fresh almonds, olive typical coratina which consists mostly.

Opposite is the case of rancid odors,mold,metal that denote low quality of the product that has been worked or preserved badly.The extra virgin olive oil AGROLIO offers an intense perfume,pleasant aroma and a balanced set of tones of artichoke and fresh almonds, typical of olives Coratina.

Enjoy mouth
To complete the tasting through the most important parameter: the flavor. Just insert into the mouth a small amount of oil, hold it for 10-15 seconds without ingest it,letting it warm and making it roll on the tongue to facilitate, letting it warm and making it roll on the tongue to facilitate the evaporationof volatile components. Perceived sensation ranging from sweet to bitter and spicy with different intensities: absent , light,medium,intensive-dominant. An important characteristic of extra virgin quality is that you should feel the taste of the fruit (also used the term fruity): any other flavor should cover or prevail on the oil.The taste of oil depend on area production and the types of cultivar used. The extra virgin olive oil Agrolio flavor present an initial sensation of sweet , bitter and spicy, after taste of artichoke and almond typical of olives Coratina.

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