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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...

How to extract oil today

First we proceed with defoliation and ceneritura of olives ; at this stage the olives are cleaned from leaves to ensure the absence of foreign bodies in later stages. The second phase consist of the grinding that takes place in a circular basin where pulp and kernel are broken by large stones of granite. Many company use knives to grind pulp and core. They consit of a shaft rotating at high speed and with offshoots of various shapes: the olives are beaten violently,going to shatter against the surrounding grid, with holes of size proportional to the desired of fineness of the paste. Then we have the kneading: this phase consist of a prolonged kneading at low speed run in order to promote the regrouping of lipid droplets to avoid that by being in emulsion,part of oil may be lost with the vegetable water. Through pumps or augers the dough goes into a decanter where thanks to a different specific weight, water and pulp are separated. Immediately the oil is further centrifuged; this extract is the flower of production, as hasn't been added water that can wash out the aromatic components of the characteristic flavor , nor wash subjected to any heating.

Filtration, which still performs today with a plate filter press is now losing some of its original significance. The extra virgin olive oil market needs it increasingly unfiltered oils, because now the natural turbidity has become for the consumer a true synonym of authenticity. And this preference has its scientific support,since the substance that remain in suspension in an unfiltered olive oil exert protective action on it,carrying a natural antioxidant.

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