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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...


What mean Extra virgin olive oil ?
The extra virgin is the oil obtained from the first pressing of the olives picked to a right maturation without having some contact with the soil; they are olives harvested by hand or with suitable machines and have not undergone other treatment beyond washing and separation from leaves. The squeezing occurs through mechanical means, without recourse to any kind of chemicals. This operation does not cause deteriorationof the oil that has free acidity ,expressed as oleic acid not exceed 1%.

What is the degree of acidity?
The determination of acidity is the only indicator of oil quality. It is expressed in g%- that is grams of oleicacid in 100grams of oil, and its value is the photo of the conservation status of oil as well as his " business classification"; because the low percentage of acid means high quality oil. In contrast, a high percentage of acid indicates poor products. The acidity of the oil is not verifiable by its color or taste but only through laboratory tests.

What's the olive oil ?
Instead of extra that is obtained by simply sqeezing, the olive oil is composed by refined olive oil with the addition of virgin olive oil to improve the taste. The maximum acidity must not exceed 1,5%.

About olive oil expire?
In theory the oil, well maintained, can be used up to 24 months from the pressing, but we recommend using it no more than one year. Olive oil reaches its full of goodness about after eight months from the squeezing, after this date the level of quality begins a slow downward spiral.

What's the best way to conserve the oil ?
The best place to store the oil is a cool and dry place away from direct light,above if you hold it in a clear glass containers. In fact the best containers are stainless steel or black glass. Bad storage can alter the taste and the aroma of the oil.

What does it mean when the oil pinch ? Depends on acidity ?
The tingling on the tongue is not a defect; it is noticeable in a new pressed oil and is not depend from acidity that it is detectable only by specific laboratory tests. It rather depends on the presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidants and cure four our oil supply.The fresh oils give a tingling sensation in the throat that fade away with the time.

Can be deduced from the color the quality of the product ?
The oil may take a variety of shades, from lime green to gold and its color has nothing to do with quality. The color is determined by many factors: the type of cultivars, the state of maturation at the time of pressing, the preponderance of chlorophyll and carotenes.

Clear or opaque olive oil ?
Immediately after pressing the oil appears cloudy and thick, but sometimes caused by natural process of "clarification" it tends to become crystalljne and clear. However it is claer that this transformation is not always and for all types of extra virgin olive oil; also the clarity is not necessary a sign of quality, indeed often the clarity is only one "industrial" transformation to satisfy the eyes of the consumers who want an oil-looking clear and bright. The opacity of the oil more often indicates "home made" .

What mean fruity extra virgin olive oil ?
Among the main advantages of an oil , the main aroma is fruity: pleasant flavor that remember smell and taste of healthy and fresh fruit, cultured when ripe, which is specific of extra virgin olive oils. There are two broad categories of oil: sweet fruity ( nice flavor,not more sweet, but devoid of love shades,usually accompained by an aftertaste of almonds) and green fruity ( young,fresh,slightly grassy). All is determined mainly by the type of cultivar,degree of maturation of the olivesand the geographical area of cultivation.

The oil is gaining weight?
Is not true that oil is gaining weight if used in the right quantities. A healthy diet does not eliminate the fact totally; they are essential for our body because carriers of the absorption and utilization of some vitamins and act as a thermal insulator, protecting and supporting bodies. Must not exceed the consumption of "satured fats",mostlyof animal origin (present in cheese,butter,sausages,peanut oil) because they can cause serious damage to health. Instead,a proper consumption of unsatured fats is essential as well as beneficial. The olive oil is vegetable oil,and unsatured.

Can you incorporate the Extra virgin olive oil in the feeding of children?
The use of oil in the feeding of childfren is important because the oil contains VITAMIN A, VITAMIN E and unsatured fat that helps the cells to digest the substances essential for a balanced development. In addition the extra virgin olive oil is 100% digestible and a little quantity in soup whet the appetite of the child.

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