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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...

Oil between myth and legend

Plenty of exhibits and the testimony of the ancients tell us, therefore, the long history dell'Olea European sativa that merges reality and legend, myth and religion:

. legend has it that Romulus and Remus, descendants of the gods and founders of Rome, saw the light under the branches of an olive tree;
. for the Jewish people were God to give to Adam, now close to death, the three seeds that his son Seth placed between his lips before you bury him and from which sprang the cedar, cypress and olive trees;
. and the goddess Isis, wife of Osiris, the ancient Egyptians paid homage to giving them the ability to cultivate the sacred tree;
. oil "symbolic element of the great monotheistic religions"
. precious ointment of Olympic athletes;
. served the Egyptians for mummification;
. Babylonian priests used to predict the future;
. the olive tree, symbol of peace and wisdom as a deity who has won and is the tutelary deity of the city, Glaucopide Athena, the goddess from her eyes that shine like silver-green leaves of olive trees. The goddess which, in the upper acropolis, near the forest grew around the first olive his divine gift will be dedicated to the great Parthenon, the temple of Pallas, near where the gold and ivory statue of the Virgin Goddess Wisdom, sculpted by Phidias, the great votive lamp shines eternal that grateful and devout Athenians fed only once a year, the last harvest of the olive oil sacred.
. The oil used as medicine, but also for sacred rites. Among these, important, the funeral rites with the purification and anointing of the body.
. The healing of the body and the soul's salvation was for centuries under the possible use oil derived from olives. This, at least, the popular view but believe heavily in oil healing properties were actually a bit 'all without distinction. The votive lamps are the means by which the saints shall exercise its powers charismatic miracle-workers. The sacred oil was considered a genuine and salutary remedy.
. Noah waited another seven days and again sent forth the dove of the ark and the dove returned to him in the evening here, in her mouth an olive branch. Noah knew that the waters had retreated from the land.
. The presence of olive oil and is a sign of fertility in the country where God is going to bring Israel and the kindness of YHWH against the chosen people, so people should not forget the benefits received. The olive tree becomes a symbol of the people of Israel.

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